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Dunwell's DMBR Membrane BioReactor has been recognized with 4 prestigious awards

  • 2017 Hong Kong Awards For Industries: Equipment and Machinery Grand Award
  • 2017 Hong Kong Awards For Industries: Technological Achievement Award
  • 2017 Hong Kong Awards For Industries: Innovation and Creativity Award
  • FITMI 2017 Innovation Technology Achievement Award

On December 11th and 18th 2017, Dunwell is honoured to have won 4 awards with our DMBR Membrane BioReactor. After years of R&D on the energy consumption pattern of our DMBR system, Duwnell has developed an efficient, advanced aeration technology, A-JET which replaces the conventional air blower or compressor. With the proprietary concept and a specially designed nozzle, A-JET generates the micro bubbles for a better function but, compared with conventional aeration technology, at 50% less energy that enables a solar powered DMBR for the market.

DMBR offers a practical solution to proper sewage treatment of public toilets and new residential complex in rural areas that are inaccessible to government wastewater treatment facilities. It also provides a cost effective and quick alternative to redevelopment property projects in busy districts.

Dunwell has built over 160 systems in Hong Kong country parks and residential complex.



DUNWELL Builds Large-scale DMBR Sewage Treatment System in Clearwater Bay Residential Area

Clearwater Bay is a seaside district with wonderful landscapes in Hong Kong, which makes it popular to high-end housing development. Because of its remote location, houses in Clearwater Bay have a common problem in handling domestic sewage: distance, piping route, time and cost of the traditional method of building pipes to connect to the closest sewage treatment plant.

In order to solve this, a new premium residential area in Clearwater Bay decided to apply Dunwell’s DMBR Sewage Treatment System. Utilizing the biochemical reaction technologies, the system collects and treats all domestic sewage, producing high quality effluent which is reused for irrigation in the residential area. Operating since June 2017 with a daily maximum treatment capacity of 1,500m3/day, this is the largest DMBR system that Dunwell has built thus far.

The DMBR Sewage Treatment System has a number of strengths which attracts both government and commercial projects to apply:

  • Replacing the traditional sedimentation pool with membrane modules which saves great amount of space
  • Controlled by full-auto PLC with real time remote monitoring system
  • Can add UV light or chlorine sterilization system according to different water reuse/ discharge standards
  • Simple structure minimizes the need of manpower for operation and maintenance
  • On-site treatment and reuse of water, eliminating the need to build sewage pipes

Filter press extracts remaining water in the sludge and send them back to the system for treatment
MBR tanks behind the pumping system with daily maximum treatment capacity of 1,500m3
Plant room environment
DMBR Handles Domestic Wastewater from the entire residential area

Prof. Daniel Cheng elected as the Chairman for the Federation of Hong Kong Industries




Dunwell received the Q-Mark certification for our Green Industrial Oil

Permanent Secretary for the Environment Ms. Anissa Wong, JP (6th from the left)with Duwnell’s Managing Director Prof Daniel Cheng (7th from the left) and Dunwell’s colleagues


Recipients of the 2014 Hall of Fame, College of Engineering, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Ir Daniel M. Cheng, Managing Director of Dunwell Group, receiving the honour of Hall of Fame from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in February. Mr. Cheng is the first Asian Inductee in the 75th Anniversary, where he received his Industrial Engineering Degree since 1981. The 22 inductees were selected, from 25,000 engineer alumni of the past 75 years, based on their achievements and contributions to the community and to the global market.


Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility, Dunwell became
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University "Second Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index" Second Ranking Company

We highly value corporate social responsibility. Besides adopting ethical business practices, we also well define our responsibility to the society, clients, employees as well as the environment. In the “Second Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index” launched by Hong Kong Polytechnic University in May 2013, we ranked as the second ranking company. During the award presentation ceremony, Mr. Daniel M. Cheng also shared his experience with local SMEs about how we define our position and implement our CSR projects.



Dunwell's VMAT - Printing Ink Wastewater Recovery Project
has won The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers "Engineering Week - The Innovation Award for the Engineering Industry 2012/2013" Industrial Category - Second Runner-up

Printing paint used on packaging materials is considered as a source of contamination. A huge amount of polluted water along with chemical addictives will be discharged during the daily operation of the printing factories; which will not only contaminate the water resources but also increase the carbon emission. Dunwell’s VMAT vibrating membrane technology can separate the ink and water used in the printing process; where the ink can be used again for printing and the water can be used to clean the ink cartridge. The technology not only significantly reduces the wasted ink and polluted water to be discharged but also uses no chemical addictives to treat the contaminants.

The Chief Executive of HKSAR, Mr. CY Leung, presenting the award to Dunwell Group



Dunwell Won the
Friends of the Earth Take a Brake Low Carbon Action 2012 Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme "Gold Tier - Fuel Efficiency Improvement Award" and "Highest Participation Rate (Eco-driving Workshop)"

Turning words into actions, Dunwell Group actively supports local environmental protection programme and encourages our staffs to participate. With our continuous dedication, we won the "Gold Tier - Fuel Efficiency Improvement Award" and "Highest Participation Rate (Eco-driving Workshop)" in the "2012 Take a Brake Low Carbon Action Corporate Green Driving Award Scheme", proving our awareness and hardwork in corporate social responsibility.


Dunwell Won the
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Asset Management Fuels Marketing President’s Safety Award Best Performing Segment 2011

Safety has been one of Dunwell’s major focus areas through out the years; we regularly provide safety training to our employees and sub-contractors to develop and increase their awareness of occupational health and safety. In Oct 2012, Dunwell received the ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Asset Management Fuels Marketing President’s Safety Award Best Performing Segment 2011 as recognition of our excellent awareness of occupational health and safety issue in our work among the used oil recycling industry.

Dunwell Won the Gold Award
The 2nd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Award

Over the years, Dunwell has been enthusiastically engaging in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a pioneer in the Environmental Industry, Dunwell is always dedicated to promoting the sustainable development within the community.

On 8 Dec 2011, Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd. was awarded the Gold Award in the SME category of the 2nd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Award, organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and sponsored by the Bank of China (HK) Ltd. The award presentation ceremony took place in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Our Business Development Director, Mr. Victor Li received the trophy from the guest of honor, Mr. Stephen Lam Sui-lung, Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR.

After the ceremony, Mr. Victor Li represented Dunwell to give a presentation on Dunwell's CSR policy and shared the CSR experience with the audience.

Appointment as Justice of the Peace (JP)
Ir Daniel M. Cheng was appointed as a non-official Justice of Peace on 1 July, 2011, which is a befitting recognition of his unwavering devotion on community service and promoting environmental industry in Hong Kong.

For more information please visit here.

Dunwell Wins Again!
2008 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Technological Achievement Grand Award &
2008 China National Environmental Science and Technology Awards - Silver Prize

Regenerable Nanosorbents for wastewater treatment - received the 2008 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Technological Achievement Grand Award

With the Regenerable Nanosorbent to recover Dye and Metals from Textile and Electroplating wastewater, Dunwell has won the 2008 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Technological Achievement Grand Award. Dunwell has integrated a unique, Hong Kong developed nanotechnology with the proprietary vibrating membrane wastewater treatment system. This revolutionary technology has been rapidly accepted by the market and demonstrates its high business potential.

Dunwell's VMAT won the Silver Prize
2008 China National Environmental Science and Technology Awards

In 2008, Dunwell has received the honor to be the first Hong Kong company awarded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, the National Environmental Science and Technology Awards - Silver Award for the VMAT used oil recycling technology.

VMAT is now becoming the energy efficient standard among the oil recycling industry; installations have been setup in Indonesia, Mongolia, Beijing, Hong Kong and more will be setup in Southern China within 2009, we are also receiving many inquires and visits from Europe and South Africa.

Recipient of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Medal of Honours, July 1, 2007

Dunwell's Managing Director, Mr Daniel M. Cheng, was awarded on July 1 the Medal of Honour for his valuable contribution to the local environmental industry. The Honours presentation ceremony was held on Oct. 27. Mr. Daniel M. Cheng received the Medal of Honour from the Chief Executive, Mr. Donald Tsang at the Guest House, HKSAR.



Daniel M. Cheng was elected as deputy chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries on July 4, 2007

Mr. Daniel M. Cheng has been serving on the General Committee of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) with over 3,000 company members since 1997 as Chairman of Group 20 and Group 26 (Environmental Industries) since 2004.

On July 4th, he was elected as one of the five Deputy Chairmen of FHKI, serving together with the new Chairman, Mr. Clement Chen, BBS, JP, and Deputy Chairmen including Mr. Cliff Sun, BBS, JP, Dr Roy Chung, JP, Mr. Stanley Lau, MH, and Mr. Eddy Lee. Mr. Cheng will be looking after the Environmental Affairs for FHKI.

Please visit http://www.industryhk.org/tc_chi/aboutus/aboutus_fhki/aboutus_fhki.php for more information on Federation of Hong Kong Industries.

Used Oil Recycling by
Vibrating Filtration System (VMAT)
has won 2 international awards Back to Back

Proud to announce that Dunwell have just WON back to back two International Awards, the Winner Award from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) -Environment Award in London on Oct 5th, 2006, and the Bronze Prize from the Wall Street Journal- 9th Asian Innovation Award in Singapore on Oct 31st, 2006 competing with over 200 entries with Dunwell's Used Oil Recycling System (VMAT)-the proprietary Vibrating Membrane Filtration System.

The award was presented at a gala dinner with over 1,000 guests at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre by Dr. Tony Tan, the Chairman of the National Foundation, former Deputy Prime Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for Security and Defense of Singapore. (VMAT Video)

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Dunwell Engineering Company Limited
The Chinese Company in History
Receives the 13th IChemE - Environment Award

After receiving the Grand Award from 2005 HK Awards for Industry - Machinery & Equipment Design Category in 2005, on October 5th 2006 in London, UK., Dunwell Engineering Co., Ltd. became the first Chinese Company in the history of Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) to be shortlisted and won one of the IChemE Winner Awards - Environment Award since it was originally found 1922. Competing against finalists from giant global companies, Dunwell's VMAT Used Oil Recycling System is simple yet innovative had won the judges' vote.

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On Feb 27, 2006, Dunwell's VMAT system received the Grand Award from HK Awards for Industry - Machinery and Equipment Design Category. This is the most prestigious award in HK recognizing outstanding industrial product design and is presented by the Chief Executive Hon. Donald Tsang of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.