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Products & Services - Bio-toilet (DMBR)

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"Replacement of secondary clarification tank with membrane allows completely removal of suspended solid & biomass from treated water, ensuring a high quality effluent."

Aqua septic tanks in the New Territories and outlying islands of Hong Kong can no longer meet the rising expectation of the public over the standard of public toilet facilities. Where there is no public sewer laid in the vicinity of most public toilets, a sewage treatment plant shall be employed to treat the foul water from the underground cesspool of public toilets via sump pump system.

Hong Kong Government has been implemented a program to convert aqua septic tanks in the New Territories and outlying islands into flushing toilets by phases. Dunwell is commissioned to install more than 130 Dunwell Membrane Bio-reactor (DMBR) systems to treat the sewage from public toilets.

- On-site reuse of the treated water   - Eliminates of sewage piping
- Fully controlled by PLC   - Remote monitoring system
- Simple structure   - Small footprint
- Energy efficient   - Water saving
- Odourless   - Environmentally friendly