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Products & Services - Containerized MBR System

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1. What’s the size of bio-toilets?
2. How could the treated effluent of bio-toilet be used?

3. What kind of wastewater could be treated by bio-toilet?

4. What’s the power consumption of bio-toilets?

5. What’s the size of bio-toilets?

6. What’s the running cost of bio-toilets?

7. What’s the treatment mechanism of bio-toilet?

8. Why does Dunwell recommend bio-toilet instead of other biological treatment technology?

9. Is there any feed tank provided by client?

10. Is there any other facility provided by client?

11. What’s the routine maintenance of bio-toilet?

12. What is the membrane life?

13. Is there any maintenance for the membrane?

14. How long does Dunwell provide the commercialized bio-toilet or MBR to the market?