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Products & Services - Gasholder

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Dry-Seal Gasholder

High - Speed Piston Travel   Piston travels in excess of 10 metres / minute.
No Tank Water   No contaminated water to remove before entry.
Easy Access   Design of gasholder allows easy access to the piston even when in service.
Low Maintenance   No friction parts.
No Freezing Hazards   Gasholder unaffected by ice and snow.
Pressure   Remains constant.
High - Pressure   Pressure in excess of 1000mm WG can be utilised.
Cheaper Foundations   Dry-seal gasholder requires much lighter foundations than other designs.
Environmentally Friendly   Gases can be stored without any risk of contamination.
Storage   Dry - seal gasholder has ability to store wide range of gases at constant pressure.
Temperatures   Gasholder functions in all climates, from sub zero to very high temperatures.
Seals   Conti-Tech seals are manufactured to the very highest standards.