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Products & Services - Dunwell U-Zave™ Intelligent Power Saver

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Aluminum Extrusion
After installing U-Zave™ in a 45KW Aluminum Extrusion Press at Guangdong, achieving 20% power efficiency and fast payback.
Central Air Conditioning System
After installing U-Zave™ in a 110KW Screw Compressor at a local largest bakery company, achieving 8% power saving even with the original power factor of 0.9.
Air Compressor
Before installing U-Zave™, the Air Compressor of a Shenzhen company consumed 52.8kwh of electricity. Applying the U-Zave™, the air compressor only consumed 45.6kwh of electricity, more than 13% of electricity is saved. In addition, the working temperature of the air compressor is significantly reduced by 6-9ºC, which extended the machine’s life-time.
All cases are proven to help client in achieving fast payback, high efficiency, cost saving and reduce carbon footprint.

U-Zave™ 22KW installed in Stamping Machine
U-Zave™ 12KW installed in Metal Rolling Machine

U-Zave™ 45KW installed in Aluminum Extrusion Press