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Dunwell EP-11 Deep Draw Oil

EP-11 is formulated with Chlorinated extreme pressure additive and rust preventive additive for best lubricity and protection on work pieces and tools for production of tubes, deep drawing parts and similar forming procedures.

Product EP-11
Viscosity @40˚C (cSt) 60.0
Density @20˚C 1.18
Color Deep Brown
Packing 200 Litre


Dunwell EP-33 Neat Cutting Oil

Dunwell EP-33 Neat Cutting Oil contains modern extreme pressure additive to provide good lubricity and anti-wear properties. The product can be used in different machining processes and provide a clean ,low odour, low oil mist for human.

Product EP-33
Viscosity @40˚C (cSt) 35
Density @20˚C 0.99
Color Redish Brown
Packing 200 Litre


Dunwell CNC-210 Neat Cutting Oil

Dunwell CNC-210 Neat Metal Cutting Oil is blending with high quality base oil and modern additive package for CNC machining of different materials. The product can provide very good cooling and lubricating effects and enhance good surface finishing.

Product CNC-210
Flash Point (˚C) ( Min) 125
Viscosity @40˚C (cSt) 10
Density @15˚C (Kg/l) 0.87
Packing 200 Litre