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In modern metal working process, cutting fluid can affect the quality and production cost directly. Therefore, Dunwell developed Wellcut series of water soluble metal cutting fluids in helping engineers to resolve problems on production and improve products quality as well.

Benefits :
Excellent lubricity – can prolong the service life of cutting tools to 3 – 5 times
Environmental friendly formulation – do not contain additives consist of Sulfur, Phosphorous, Chlorine. Do not harmful to human
Stable working properties – do not contain harmful anti-bacteria /fungus additives, save working environment can be assured
Low alkalinity – pH (10%) = 8.5- 9
Suitable for most applications – dilution ratio can be adjusted according to different materials and operation conditions
Hard water compatibility – contains hard water treatment additive, suitable
Apply in different water quality conditions
Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties – keep workshop clean and protect work piece against rust
Bio-stable formula – Highly refined bio-based oil is applied in formula to provide easy degreasing advantage after machining


Wellcut 905 Multi-purposes Cutting Fluid

Wellcut 905 is a high performance water soluble cutting fluid blend with Special extreme pressure additives. Product is suitable for different machining operation of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys work pieces.

Wellcut 905 is formulated to prolong tool life and improve surface Finishing of metal parts.
Suitable for cutting of Aluminium alloys, light duty ferrous Alloys
Recommended concentration: General operation: 5 – 8 %
Difficult ferrous metal machining : 10 % or above
Commonly been use in machining of: Auto-parts, AV equipment parts etc.


Wellcut 825 Al Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Fluid

Wellcut 825 Al non-ferrous metal cutting fluid: 825Al is a new generation semi synthetic cutting fluid which Provides a high degree of lubricity and rust protection as well as clean running .

Suitable for aluminium, brass and copper parts. And extremely clean surface can be Expected for further operations like Electroplating or other coatings.

Recommended concentration :
General operation : 5- 8 %
Difficult ferrous metal machining : 10% or above

Use in machining of: Auto-parts, computer accessory etc.


Wellcut 926 EP Extreme Pressure Semi-synthetic Cutting Fluid

926 EP is developed for difficult machining operations of hard alloys and stainless steel work pieces. The extreme pressure (EP) additives which prolong the tool life and enhance machining efficiency under extreme operation conditions.

Suitable for:
Wellcut 926 EP is designed to replace neat metal cutting oil when water soluble cutting fluid is desired and applicable. It is normally been used for stainless steel Work pieces machining.

Recommended concentrations :
General operation : 10 %
Difficult operation : 15 % or above.

Used in machining of: Auto – parts, Industrial machine parts etc.


Wellsyn 277 Fully Synthetic Heavy Duty Working Fluid

Wellsyn 277 is a multi-purposes premium Extreme Pressure (EP) heavy duty cutting oil designed for high speed cutting of various metals. The formula does not contain nitrite ,formalin and it is save to apply in modern factories. Special formulation enhance the separation of debris and parts which will Sink to bottom of fluid, clean solution of machining can be expected.

Recommended concentration:
General grinding operation : 3 –4 %
Normal cutting operation : 5 – 7 %
Heavy duty machining : 9 – 12 %

Use in machining of General industrial parts.


Wellsyn 168 Fully Synthetic Grinding Fluid

Wellsyn 168 has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-foam as well as cleaning properties. It is designed for grinding operation and metal cutting of work pieces where clean surface finishing is expected. Wellsyn 168 can be used in grinding of cast iron, titanium alloys, graphite, glass etc.

Recommended concentration:
Use in Grinding of general operation : 3 – 5 %


Wellcut Mg-e Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Wellcut Mg-e is a semi-synthetic cutting fluid specially designed for the machining of Magnesium alloys. Innovative formula can overcome problems in Magnesium machining, such as emulsion stability , hydrogen formation, staining on parts and hard water deposits. The fluid has high emulsion stability under Magnesium hardness up to 4500ppm to prevent emulsion splitting.

Suitable for machining Magnesium alloys like AZ91D, AM60B etc.

Recommended concentrations:
General machining : 10%
Heavy duty machining : 10 –15 %

Used in machining of auto and bicycle parts, computer and 3C equipment parts