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Products & Services - Prolong Additives Series

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[Prolong SPL 100 Super Penetrating Lubricants]

Prolong extreme high performance EP-2 multi-purposes grease is a premium formulation that protects metal surfaces and provides superior lubrication.

Benefits : Excellent load carrying ability
    Lubricates over wide extreme temperature range
    Effectively resist burn and water washout
    Help prevent rust ,corrosion and oxidation
    Product available in 14 0z , 35 lbs packing

Penetration (ASTM-D-217) mm/10 77 °F
Unworked 280
Worked 60 Strokes 282
Worked 10,000 Strokes 287
Worked 100,000 Strokes 290
Dropping Point (ASTM-D-2265) 325°C
Water Washout @ 175 °F (ASTM-D-1264) 2.7%
Oil Separation (ASTM-D-1742) 0.2%
Timken OK Load (ASTM-D-1742) Maximum
Packing 14 oz / 35 lb