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Products & Services - Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing VMAT

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The VMAT filtration system consists of 5 major components: the frame, the drive system, plumbing, the filter pack and the control system.

Frame :
A 2" tubular steel construction is used with an epoxy powder coat to assure resistance to chemicals and weather.
Drive system :
This patented system includes a 10-20 horse power motor which drives an eccentric weight and seismic mass which in turn translates the energy through the torsion spring into the filter pack.
Plumbing :
Teflon (FEP), polypropylene, uPVC and stainless steel are used throughout to assure maximum compatibility with most solvents, caustics and acids.
Filter pack :
VMAT filter packs employ a filament wound outer housing, stainless steel plates, polypropylene or kynar permeate carriers and epoxy resins. Dunwell offers in its filter packs virtually every type of membrane made today including: acrylic; nylon; polyacrylonitrial (PAN); polypropylene; polysulfone; polycarbonate; PVDF (Kynar); stainless steel; Teflon; thin-film composites; Tyvek and others.
Membrane :

Most of these membranes have a wide range of pore sizes to choose from insuring the optimum separation for any application according to filtration spectrum. At one extreme, reverse osmosis membranes reject most dissolved compounds, including salts, while allowing water molecules to pass. Nanofiltration membranes have salt rejection ranging from 10% to 85% (these are sometimes referred to as water softening membranes). While Ultrafiltration membranes can reject molecules of sizes ranging from 1000 to 100,000 d.a. Microfiltration with pore sizes ranging from 0.05 micron to 3 microns are also available for coarse separations.

The standard modular size of a VMAT System is 450 to 1,500 square feet composed of discs with a 19 inch active diameter. Each disc element is manufactured and quality assured by Dunwell.

Control system :

VMAT systems are supplied with internationally branded Programmable Logic Controllers. All components are fully contained in a NEMA 4 rated enclosure.

Various levels of control sophistication are available depending on the complexity of the application. For polishing or low solids applications simple controls having minimal outputs and inputs are provided. For high solids applications controls with more features are used to insure trouble free operation. The VMAT controller typically sets solids levels by actuating the exit valve based on operating parameters such as pressure or flow rate.

Other control options available include automatic clean-in-place, automatic flush, automatic shut down, full alarm features with digital diagnostic displays, remote diagnostics and monitoring, and many others. Dunwell engineers have spent years perfecting VMAT controls to maximize reliability and to minimize operator intervention.

Clean-In-Place :

Clean-In-Place, CIP, is a package of pre-connected pipes, valves, tanks, pumps serving to clean the filter pack in steps by washing and flushing. Different cleaner can be applied according to different fouling chemistry. Piping has different material and different grade of polishing according to applications. One CIP can serve up to 6 i-series VMAT. Customer can choose either fully manual or fully automatic or somewhere in between according to individual application.